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SMS Recovery for Android Phone - How to Recover Lost & Deleted Messages from Samsung GALAXY ?

Accidentally deleted messages from Android Phone?

Messages play an important role in our daily life. Most people like to clear useless messages regularly on their Android Phone for more storage space. However, it is very easy to delete the messages you want by mistake. Have you ever come across this terrible situation? Actually, these deleted messages can be restored at ease.

Get back lost messages safely and easily!

Dr. Fone for Android will help you get back the lost messages from accident deletion, carelessly resetting, rooting and other reasons. Believe it or not, try it on your own to get the answer.

For Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Simply connect your smartphone to computer, Dr.Fone for Android will scan your lost messages automatically.

Recover SMS from Android Phone

From the scan result, you can preview the messages so that to recover what you really want. Hit on ”Recover” button, all the selected items will be restored to computer instantly. The recovered messages will be saved as HTML file which is easy for reading and reusing.

A helpful tip:

With Dr.Fone for Android, you can export SMS from your smartphone to computer as well. From the scan result, select the messages you want to export, then hit on “Recover” button. All the selected messages will be exported to computer as HTML file. In this way, you can backup the messages easily.

Things to note:

Before using the program, make sure that the battery power of your Android Phone is more than 20%.

Video Tutorial : How to Recover deleted SMS text messages from Samsung Android Phones?